Canna Air Care was developed by the parent company San-Air Pty Ltd based in Sydney

R&D of the raw product commenced way back in 2006 when the San-Air’s head scientific chemist had to overcome an issue with extreme mustiness.

Once the product was developed it was rigorously tested over several years prior to being launched on the market.

Since then, word of mouth has resulted in a vast market expansion over a multitude of different industries without a single instance of an adverse reaction to people, plants or places.

Canna Air Care was rigorously researched & specifically developed for the medicinal cannabis industry and commenced on site operational testing in a commercial and registered medicinal cannabis facility in Oct 2017.

Quote by our scientist: “The path to clean air can be achieved by harnessing the scientifically verified and tested power of all natural ingredients”. 

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Although Canna Air Care has been specifically formulated for medicinal cannabis production, other variations of the same amazing product is presently being used in high velocity air conditioning systems of hospitals with outstanding results.

The real intelligence of the product is that it only requires 2-7ppm (parts per million), to become effective, therefore making it ideal to be used around people, plants and sensitive items. ‘It’s the active, that’s proactive’!