General Questions

Canna Air Care is designed to last approximately one month however, much depends on air volumes and how open the adjustable container is, for example, if there are several days of heavy rainfall, you would want to have the lid fully open so as to release more of the product in the air.

Absolutely, all active ingredients used in the unique and proprietary formulation have been certified organic and have been certified to be safe in the vicinity of food.

Canna Air Care has also been under a trial situation for over 5 months with a leading grower for approximately 30 years, as well as a PhD scientist from a top laboratory focused in the cannabis industry. No adverse effects were noticed even with extreme time & concentration of exposure.

‘It’s safe all day, so you get more pay’

What we would recommend is that you become a bit of a scientist and place petri dishes with the correct agar in various locations within the growroom. (NOTE: Petri dishes have different Agar for different microbes).

Leave the plates for a period of time (2hrs depending on air flow), collect, refrigerate, apply Canna Air Care and follow the exact same procedures 3 days later. Make sure that you follow the exact same exposure time (2hrs), of the plates before and after and keep in a warm place away from sunlight. After one week be prepared to be shocked at the results because most are! Alternately, you can send to any microbial Lab for your choice in our specially designed freezer pack so as to determine the exact strain of microbes.

The short answer is no, Canna Air Care is not designed to increase plant growth or yields etc, however, it is plain to see that if the growing environment has mustiness, then Canna Air Care is a knockout and hits it out of the park!

Because Canna Air Care is an air freshener and not a fungicide, it is totally exempt from any registration requirements. It is always our full intention to be compliant with each and every obligation required under State and Federal laws.