Canna Air Care is a unique and proprietary blend of all natural ingredients that have been specifically formulated to produce ‘actives’. These actives are extremely effective against mustiness as well as other forms of microbial contaminates.

All active ingredients used in the production of Canna Air Care are certified organic and have been super concentrated by an advanced distillation process that allows for the product to be produced from a liquid all the way to a slow releasing ‘preventative’ gel.

Although Canna Air Care has been developed specifically to assist in indoor medicinal cannabis production, other forms of the product have been used extensively over several years without any instance of negative or adverse effects.

‘The slow release transforming fears to peace’!

How Canna Air Care functions is really very simple, place in front of a fan and ‘where the air blows Canna Air Care goes’, reducing mustiness 24hrs per day, 7 days per week.

The wonder of the product is that it may only require 2-7 ppm to be effective against mustiness and therefore does not harm plants in any stage of growth cycle, including drying of medicinal flowers prior to consumption. It’s a must for mustiness!

Natural Mold killer Cannabis

A proprietary blend of all natural and non-toxic ingredients that is unmatched in performance as a preventative against mustiness in a cannabis growing environment.

All Natural

Made with certified ingredients!


Leaving no unwanted residual!

No Phosphates

Safe for the environment!

No Petroleum

No sticky residues!

Long Lasting

A whole month of protection for such little money!

Fast Acting

At low levels of concentration; you’ll be amazed!

Safe Around People

creates a safer working environment!

Easy to Use

Simply swap and go in only a few moments!

No Synthetic Chemicals

For a more natural end product!

Extremely Effective

Perhaps the most functional natural anti-mustiness product!

Independently Tested

By multiple labs, universities and happy customers!

Safe for Food Areas

Food safe certification!

The key to optimal efficiency when using Canna Air Care is knowing where air flows within the growroom, for example, many grow rooms have dead air spots in where plants are more susceptible to mustiness and therefore the Canna Air Care cannot get there to do what it does best.

If there are areas within a growroom that are significantly more prone to musty outbreaks, simply add an additional fan and allow it to blow directly on the area.

Scientific microbial tests have shown that plants grown in pots with soil-type growing mediums can be a constant and perpetual source of potential mustiness. Simply by placing a Canna Air Care around the base of plants with a focused airflow can greatly reduce fears of devastation to profits.

The main use for Canna Air Care however is at the point of entry of the air intake that supplies air into the growroom, for example; many growrooms use large A/C evaporators with fully recycled air & Co2. Simply place the correct sized Canna Air Care at the point of air intake prior to the A/C’s filter. (Many A/C systems can have a large buildup of mustiness actually inside the system which can be constantly blown around the growroom).

NOTE: When commencing with Canna Air Care protection, it is advisable (but not necessary), to change all filters on all A/C systems. 

‘The product easily does the rest, so that you can rest easy’!

Microbes such as those that cause mustiness can be found present in almost every room in the world regardless of sterility procedures.

Growing cannabis indoors can be extremely volatile to mustiness, bright lights and lots of water can result in fluctuating humidity. Mustinessmaynot be seen with the naked eye but microbial science proves that danger can be looming like the proverbial thief in the night.

Many medicinal cannabis cultivators would be shocked and stunned if they were to discover what is actually being blown around in the air 24hrs per day, 7 days per week. Canna Air Care has developed a ‘do it yourself’ microbial testing kit in where a medicinal cannabis producer can place petri dishes with specific agar within the growroom environment and see the different before & after with their own eyes‘A scientist is he who experiments’!

A pinch of prevention is worth a pound of cure is the old adage, and with Canna Air Care, a pound of cure could make what you have cured become worth much more!

Canna Air Care’s slow releasing gel can stand guard over the growroom with amazing effectiveness, even in extreme weather conditions or at dew point etc.‘Don’t resent, just prevent’!

Canna Air Care was tested in a real medical cannabis production facility over several months and the results were amazing!

An elaborate air sampling device collects the exact same volume of air to be captured, cultured and counted in the laboratory. All onsite tests were performed by PhD scientists.


Reduction in 7 days with Canna Air Care


Increase in 7 days without Canna Air Care


Stability over the entire growth cycle with Canna Air Care


Severe instability over the growth cycle without Canna Air Care


More yield after full growth cycle, with Canna Air Care


Difference after full growth cycle with consumable flower.

A simple and easy experiment can be performed on a small area first within the grow-room. Locate an area that seems to be the most susceptible to mustiness and place a Canna Air Care next to an oscillating fan and observe the difference!

In most cases there seems to be an immediate freshness to the surrounding air however, for best results, allow for around 72hrs of constant use of Canna Air Care’s slow releasing gel. This shall also demonstrate that there are no adverse effects to plants whatsoever.

Another great test is to acquire 2 small airtight containers, 2 small pieces of bread without preservatives and a little Canna Air Care.

Spread Canna Air Care in one of the containers only and do an experiment before & after. If your baker is preservative free, you should see the difference within 3-4 days. (NOTE: do not be surprised if bread stays white for well over one year!). ‘Once you try, you’ll want to buy’!

Once it has been seen just how amazingly effective Canna Air Care is with your very most growers in the medical cannabis industry realize that this is a must have, must use product.

Our share prices are rapidly increasing; if you are interested in investing to help us get the product out to more growers and share in the perpetual revenues, please contact us.The great Mark Twain reportedly said, “In a gold rush, it’s a good time to be in the pick and shovel business”!